Prelude – Sävellyksiä uruille – Compositions for Organ
Aimo Känkänen (2015)
Ilpo Laspas, Lahden Ristinkirkon urut / The organ of the Church of the Cross in Lahti

14 Organ Compositions

20.7.2015 Keskisuomalainen / Arto Sakari Korpinen
"In this new recording Ilpo Laspas, a young top organist and winner of several international organ competitions, interprets his (Aimo Känkänen´s) organ compositions. - - - Laspas interprets all the 14 works in the most skillful and spiritual way."

Organum-lehti 3/2015 / Susanne Kujala
"The organ of the Church of the Cross in Lahti sounds good in the recording thanks to both the composer and the performer. Aimo Känkänen has composed his works with craftsmanship and imagination. Ilpo Laspas´s playing is expressive and virtuoso. He lets the organ sing and carry beautifully but also billow dramatically when needed. The registrations are elegant."

23.10.2015 Yle Radio 1, Uudet levyt / Kare Eskola
"Now that the eager and competent organist of the younger generation Ilpo Laspas has taken hold in the ouvre of the old master, it gets the attention it deserves."

4.11.2015 Helsingin Sanomat / Veijo Murtomäki
"Ilpo Laspas, one of the leading Finnish organists, plays the organ of the Church of the Cross in Lahti in a skillful and enjoyable way."