13.06.2015Satakunnan Kansa / Juha-Pekka Peltonen

"The Organ Concerto Appealed the Ear in the Ideal Circumstances"
--- "After the performance of Josef Rheinberger´s Organ concerto no. 2 (1894) it was evident that Laspas is a sovereign also as a soloist of an orchestra.
The balance between the organ and the orchestra, conducted by Ville Matvejeff, was excellent all the time. The connection was perfect even though the orchestra was playing downstairs at the altar and the organ lies at the other end of the church.
Both the organist and the conductor had an exceptionally clear picture of the work as well as of the acoustics.
The Paschen organ (in Central Pori Church) naturally played the central role in the performance showing once more it´s great abitities in a bit new light.
The sound of the orchestra together with the organ, skillfully registrated by Ilpo Laspas, appealed the ear. Some great moments were e. g. the combination of the horns or trumpets with the organ in some climaxes."---

10.06.2014Satakunnan Kansa / Juha-Pekka Peltonen

"Ilpo Laspas shows the Direction of Baroque Music"
--- "Laspas seems to have acquired all the possible knowledge what comes to baroque music. At a live concert he also seems to be able to interpret in such a way that is not teachable.
- - - Laspas´s organ arrangement of the Ein feste Burg -cantata aria by Bach showed a virtuoso tour de force which could proudly be performed at any musical event." ---

05.02.2014Turun Sanomat / Mattias Mattila

"Thunder and Lightning at the Cathedral"
--- "As an entree we heard Heroischer Marsch in ungarischem Stil by Franz Liszt. In the course of this bombastic piece, the (Turku) Cathedral organ sounded like a full symphony orchestra with its trumpet fanfares and string sounds. The organist Ilpo Laspas mastered the instrument absolutely gorgeously. --- Laspas found a uniquely rich tone palette out of his instrument – extremely seldom can we experience such a triumph of an organ sound."

05.02.2014Åbo Underrättelser / Folke Forsman

"Ilpo Laspas Night"
---"Ilpo Laspas´s accompaniment transcriptions of the two arias from two operas - The Flying Dutchman and Valkyrie - by Richard Wagner were absolutely congenial despite the utmost complex, both dynamically and rhythmically very inconvenient orchestral writing. The great four-manual cathedral organ has an enormous capacity not only concerning the sound possibilities but also technically with its computer based registration system. Laspas took advantage of all the resources of the organ by finding the right sounding registrations and making the dynamics in a flexible manner."---

03.09.2013www.ovz-online.de / Felix Friedrich

"Bravos für die besten Acht"
--- "Der finnische Organist und Bach-Preisträger Ilpo Laspas fesselte durch sein souveränes Spiel und zeigte, dass er sich sowohl in der Klangwelt von Bach als auch von Reger heimisch fühlt.“ ---

11.11.2012Helsingin Sanomat / Samuli Tiikkaja

--- "Ilpo Laspas played his program in a capturing way and the Sjundby castle was an exceptionally suitable place for the music." ---

18.09.2012Satakunnan Kansa / Juha-Pekka Peltonen

"A Real Baroque Musician"
---"I have never heard the famous D minor concerto from Vivaldi´s collection L´Estro Armonico interpreted so brilliantly with such a lively Venetian temperament as in Laspas´s concert. The organ arrangement was of course by Bach."---

12.02.2011Huvudstadsbladet / Folke Forsman

"Sovereign Pedal Playing"
--- "Ilpo Laspas´s organ playing was just superb. Especially did I pay attention to his pedal playing. Although we couldn´t see his playing on the pedals the execution was remarkably exact and as sensitive as in the manuals."

25.07.2008Helsingin Sanomat / Veijo Murtomäki

"A Very Promising Organist"
--- "After [Laspas´s] virtuoso interpretation of the Praeludium in C by D. Buxtehude one could admit to have heard one of the forefront Finnish baroque players."